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What is a Neurosurgeon?

Neurosurgeons are medical doctors who specialise in surgical treatment of patients with neurological conditions. Their specialty training includes diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the brain, spine, spinal cord, nerves as well as the blood vessels of the brain and spinal cord.

Our neurosurgeons have completed Australian postgraduate qualifications in Neurosurgery as well as additional sub-specialty Fellowship training overseas.

Patients are usually referred to a neurosurgeon to determine whether surgery would be an appropriate treatment option for their symptoms. The surgeon's role is to determine whether there is a structural problem contributing to the patient's symptoms that could be corrected by surgery. In the majority of pain conditions, surgery is only recommended when other treatments have been exhausted and symptoms are severe enough to be disabling.

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Why choose Capital Neurosurgery?

Choosing a specialist practice can be a difficult decision. The skills of the doctors - while arguably the most important factor in the decision - is only one part of the whole patient experience. Our quality service to our patients and customers starts from their very first contact with our practice.

We believe what sets us apart from other practices is:

1. all of our staff are trained to a high level to be able to look after your needs efficiently and with knowledge and expertise

2. our practice nurse is available to patients free of charge before and after surgery to provide education and assistance

3. we have invested significant resources in having the most up to date technology and processes to make sure our communication with patients and doctors is of the highest standard

4. all of our staff believe it is a privilege to care for patients and everyone is treated with professionalism and respect 

5. every referral received by our practice is triaged by our surgeons. This ensures that any urgent clinical conditions are treated within an appropriate timeframe and patients have the relevant tests done prior to their appointment. This saves patients time and money by reducing the number of appointments required to reach a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Capital Neurosurgery Key Values

Patients, staff and visitors are shown courtesy and regard for their feelings, wishes and rights.

Everyone is treated in the manner that we would like to be treated ourselves.

Excellent standard of care
We strive to exceed patients’ expectations from their first interaction with the practice. Our doctors, nurse and administrative team work hard to provide an exceptional patient experience from the time you call our office through to your surgery and ongoing care.

Our staff is highly skilled with a great deal of expertise. We undertake our roles with honesty, integrity, and concise and effective communication.

We promote a working environment of organisation and maximum
productivity. This ensures that the majority of our time and resources are allocated to patient care.

Continual Improvement
Through staff education, training and feedback from our patients, we are constantly striving to improve our services and our work environment.

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