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Prehabilitation Programme

Capital Neurosurgery's prehabilitation programme is designed to look at the major lifestyle components that directly influence your ability to undertake and recover from surgery.

Our nurse will undertake a thorough assessment with you preoperatively and assist you in setting some realistic and achievable short term and long term goals to improve your overall health before and after surgery.

You will be provided with the information, resources and or referrals to allied health professionals to assist in working towards your individual goals.

Our nurse will maintain contact with you during the programme to monitor your progress and you will be asked to complete some progress questionnaires at regular intervals.

Lifestyle factors to discuss before surgery

1. Smoking

2. Alcohol intake

3. Activity levels - strength and mobility

4. Nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight

5. Optimising pain management

6. Managing stress and anxiety

7. Healthy sleep habits

How to enrol

Please discuss with your surgeon or our admin staff whether you might be suitable for prehab.

If you are booked for surgery there is no additional cost to enrol in the programme.

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